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     J&B Production Arts Services has announced that a new book, Edgar Allan Poe Live.....On Stage by J.E.Ballantyne, Jr., is scheduled for release around the Thanksgiving holiday or shortly thereafter.  Published by J&B Theatrical Promotions and printed by Mechling Books, the book contains theatrical stage adaptations of some of Edgar Allan Poe’s most well known stories.  All of the Poe story adaptations contained in the anthology type book, were all produced and presented by the Victorian Players and J&B Production Arts Services of Youngstown, Ohio between the years of 2005 and 2013.  


     Author and playwright, J.E.Ballantyne, Jr., who did the adaptations explained that the idea for the book was first presented to him by Gerri Jenkins, a board member of the Victorian Players.  “I had written six adaptations of six Poe stories in addition to two original plays about Poe’s life.  Gerri thought it would be a great idea to assemble all of them into one anthology so it could be purchased  and read.  After giving it some thought I agreed that it was a worthwhile idea.  In all honesty, I probably would have never thought of it myself.”  All of the adaptations were drawn straight from the acting editions of the plays that were presented originally by the Victorian and J&B Productions Arts Services.  According to Ballantyne, some re-writing was done on some of the scripts after the original productions closed so there will be some new elements to some of them.  The six Poe stories included are; The Tell-Tale Heart, The Black Cat, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Cask of Amontillado, The Masque of the Red Death and The Facts In the Case of M. Valdemar.  The two original Poe scripts are Poe: Quoth the Raven....Nevermore (originally premiered at the Youngstown Playhouse) and The Tell-Tale Poe.


     Ballantyne explained that the stage adaptations are expanded versions of the original Poe stories so that they would fill a time frame suitable for an evening of theatrical entertainment.  All of the shows were very successful in their original runs with some being performed elsewhere.  He said that he wanted to get the book out in time for Christmas since it would be an excellent gift for anyone who has a Poe fan on their gift list.  Also included in the book is an introduction explaining the process of adapting the stories along with a brief look at the life and times of Edgar Allan Poe.  In the back of the book he has included the original cast, staff and crew lists from each and every production.  


     At present the book is only available through J&B Production Arts Services but future plans include making it available through Barnes & Noble and Amazon, although that will probably not happen before Christmas.  There is also an e-book version of the book in the works.  The book sells for $22.00 and can be ordered by calling J&B Production Arts Services at 330-799-6176 or by sending a check for $22.00 plus $4.00 for shipping and handling, made payable to J.E.Ballantyne, Jr., to J&B Production Arts Services, 7130 Locust Avenue, Suite 12, Youngstown, Ohio 44512.  Purchases may also be made via 


     Signed copies are also available upon request.  J&B Production Arts Services has also announced a LIMITED TIME OFFER!!  Anyone who purchases a copy of the book before December 15 will also receive a FREE copy of the DVD of the full production of Edgar Allan Poe’s: The Tell Tale Heart.

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